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 We are currently accepting applications.

Enrollment Process


A comprehensive packet must be completed on or prior to the first day of your child's attendance at VLA. This packet should include a copy of your child's up-to-date shot record and a copy of their birth certificate. No exceptions can be made to this rule. To complete the forms, select the forms tab below.




There will be a non-refundable $50 enrollment fee for your first child enrolled and $10 for each additional child. We also have an annual supply fee due no later than January 31 each year.

The fee for your first week of child care services is due at the time of enrollment to secure your child’s spot at VLA. *We accept all DSS subsidy vouchers.

2-week Trial

Upon completing all required documents and paying all associated fees, your child will attend VLA for two weeks on a trial basis.

If during those two weeks any problems arise that cannot be resolved between the parent/caregiver and the childcare provider, either party may terminate the parent/provider agreement without any further obligation or commitment.

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